Fitness Goals! What should we focus on?

Fitness Goals! What should we focus on?

We all have an idea on what we want to look like, or some performance-based goal of how strong or fast we want to be.

What about the goals that make us feel better? Many eventually find the need to make a change because of the way they feel emotionally and spiritually.

So, what should we focus on?

1) First, we focus on the “why

  • What brought you to wanting to make the change
  • What is the emotional connection?
  • How does it affect your quality of life?
  • How does it affect your patten of life and enjoyment?

Intangible goals such as:

1) Being happier in my skin (body “image”)
2) General health
3) Energy levels
4) Hormonal balances

Are directly proportionate and residual to the tangible goals:

1) Weight loss
2) Muscle gain
a) Both of which together = “Toning”
3) Lift a certain weight
4) Do a body weight pull up
5) Fit into the sexy bikini
6) Wear shorts, or be shirtless

Whatever the goal may be; we express in the physical and tangible in order to fix the internal and intangible.

There is always an underlying reason.

Never forget your Why!

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