Things to Consider When Choosing A Trainer/Coach

Things to Consider When Choosing A Trainer/Coach

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     1. Does the potential Trainer understand your goals?

a. Many times, trainers accept clients and repeat the same programs and activities that they currently use with their more seasoned clients. They may also execute the same program in which they use on themselves. This is usually due to a few things:

  •      Lack of experience, education, and imagination.
  •      Laziness for the sake of day-to-day efforts.
  •      Lack of understanding towards the clients’ goals and interest.

b. When choosing your trainer ensure you discuss thoroughly your interest, goals, current experience, as well as comfortability in and outside of the facility. This will allow you to have confidence that your goals will be met as well as a clear and concise understanding for the task at hand for the trainer.

All while avoiding wasting your time because you can tell immediately if your specific focused is being attended to or are they just going through the motions.

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      2. Have you been searching and observing potential trainers or was this a blind search or recommendation?

 a. If the Trainer or Coach wasn’t recommended by a friend or family member that you trust and or have personally seen the results, make sure you ask if they offer free consultation sessions so you can get a taste of what you’re getting yourself into.

     3. Understand the difference in training packages and offers.

a. Does the potential trainer or coach offer private training only, or do they offer semi- private or group.

b. Anticipate a wide range in pricing

  • National average for private training session are approximately $68/1 hour session.
  • I have personally charged and seen session rates range from $25-$100 for private (one-on-one) sessions.
  • Understand your budget

c. What all does the price include?

  • Do they cover nutrition or do meal plans.
  • Do they offer progress tracking.
  • How engaged are they outside of the training session.
  • Do you get a workout program or suggestions for days you’re not with the trainer.

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     4. What are their overall experience and qualifications?

 a. Are the certified with CPR and Insurance up to date?

b. How long have they been training and do they use methods tried and true?

c. Do they have a systematic approach to training or do they just wing it?

d. *Keep in mind, some coaches and trainers got certified over a weekend online coarse and some have college degrees

  • This however is not a direct reflection of skill but a good reference to understand the quality and education you may receive.

e. When you ask questions (or don’t) do they explain purpose and intent or just show, tell and assume?

Not all trainers and coaches are created the same. Many claim to include or specialize in many things. As a general consensus.

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