About Us


Hello friends and family
First, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving your attention to my passion and my store. I hope that you can either find something to wear proudly or, at the very minimum took away a little more inspiration and confidence.

Father Figure Fitness is an athletic and lifestyle clothing brand founded by a Disabled Marine Veteran of 10 years and a father of a 6-year-old son. (at the time of this message)
Father Figure Fitness is a street and fitness apparel company for men, women, and children. We use numerous types of material and designs to create an intimate clothing brand that appeals to the fit family. With size ranges covering all typical US options we cater to a wide demographic of all body types and fits.
The main target audience and reason for the creation of the company is for the modern day father. In a world surrounded by unhealthy food options and equally unhealthy relationships; we aim to provide a revitalized representation for both physically and mentally fit fathers. While we do believe that the overall health of a family is one goal, we also create an equally important representation for mothers and children within the same clothing line.
Future of the Company
Although the clothing industry is highly competitive and even in some markets saturated, Father Figure Fitness provides and completely intimate and original focus on a specific demographic. With this focus and marketing scheme we plan to expand from automated drop shipping, to a more large scale wholesale local production to cut manufacturing costs and increase profit margins while maintaining a clear international presence.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a new revitalized representation for the modern family while focusing on the drive and spirit of the mentally and physically fit Father and his daily “athleisure”.