Macros, why they're important?

Macros, why they're important?

A father and his son eating a healthy meal

Tracking Macronutrients has become very popular even outside of the health and fitness professions.People are becoming more aware and health conscious with or without a professional’s help. Unfortunately, it is not well discussed and taught efficiently on how to do it. Many get lost and or overwhelmed and give up. Here ill discuss a few quick tips on tracking your macronutrients (macros).

  • Importance of tracking macros
  • Accountability to the good and bad you consume
  • Awareness to good and bad habits
  • Realization of correct portion sizes
  • Goal specific intake to ensure proper physiology

2) Where to begin: 

*A more in depth step-by-step guide in eBook format here at 

a) Identify a user-friendly platform that works for you to track on
     i) You can also manually write things down, and insert later if you are busy

b) Establish your goal whether it be to lose weight or gain muscle
     i) 300-500kcal deficit is recommended for weight loss
     ii) Average total calorie reduction 3,500 per week = 1lb
     iii) This requires figuring out your BMR (tested or calculated)

 iv) Break down the total calorie intake to your Macro ratios
(1) Typical 50% Carbs/ 25% Fats and Protein
(2) *These can vary dependent on goal and body type

A father and son eating a healthy meal.

3) Scan, weigh, and measure everything that you consume to including drinks

  • Calculate totals to make sure it meets your calorie goal
  • Plan your day ahead to ensure less room for error
  • Food scale, measuring cups are necessary to be effective
  • MyFitnessPal (as example) Also has a barcode scanner *adjust serving sizes

4) Macro calculations

a) 1g Protein / 1g Carbs = 4 calories
b) 1g Fat = 9 Calories
c) *Consider 1g Alcohol = 7 calories

5) Paired with exercise your macros should be enough to fuel the body and recover and rebuild

This is just a quick brief explanation to tracking macros and is not specific diet recommendations on an individual basis. Please contact me or another professional with any questions or considerations. Happy

If you're looking for professional help:

*Contact me @ for HELP 

You can also reference the eBook linked above that gives an in depth explanation and all you need to know when it comes to tracking your macros. 

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