REST AND RECOVERY are just as much, if not more, important to anyone fitness program regardless of the goal. Many tend to skip this part of their program for many reasons that I’ll cover shortly. On the other hand, there are some out there spending over a million dollars a year on their recovery. Sounds important, I guess.

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Besides the obvious reasons like injury prevention and comfortability some of the underlying reasons for rest and recovery include:

  • Improved performance 
  • Better sleep 
  • More muscle growth 
  • Healthier nerve and cardiovascular system 
  • Functional biomechanics
  • Improved mood

just to name a few. 

Rest and stretching help prevent injury
Jesse Turner using a myofascial ball to roll out his quads and relieve tensions on his muscles.
  • While stretching has been known to increase flexibility and mobility to help better support joints and create a more elastic movement pattern, it is unclear in studied comparisons  a “general benefit” to stretching pre-exercise
  • In some comparisons, different conclusions are referencing static vs. dynamic stretching to the type of exercise
  1. Running vs. weightlifting
  2. Explosive movements vs. controlled 
  3. Etc
  • Many studies that contradict performance-based stretching refers to runners, explosive movement patterns, and conditioning type lifestyles such as the military

    1. As training frequency increases, especially at high intensity, the need for recovery stretching is MORE IMPORTANT than the pre-exercise argument. 
    • **IT IS RECOMMENDED- that you implement a rest and recovery day at least every 7-10 days of intense training.

    Before you continue reading, checkout these 6 simple stretches you can do before bedtime! @PTvitals on Instagram shows some great examples


    A Link to an instagram post demonstrating 6 stretches you can do before bedtime.
    • Stretching can improve performance 
    • Maintains appropriate muscle length
    • Prevents incorrect body alignment
    • Promotes efficient movement patterns
    • Maintains balance and stability 
    • Promotes healthy joints
    • Maintains good posture


    1. An efficient stretch and recovery routine can help improve mood, sleep, and nerve/blood function
    • Helps relieve uncomfortable muscle adhesions that may make it difficult to sleep or day to day living
    • Can help to alleviate cramps
    • Helps with healthy blood circulation and oxygen transport
    • In turn, the above helps improve mood, manage stress, and promote better sleep patterns

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      1. The FEET is often neglected. Massaging the feet, especially before sleep (reflexology), massively increases blood circulation before bed
      • Stretching and muscle growth have a direct correlation due to the fact that:
      • Muscle adhesions
      A diagram of the foot, and reflexology in compared to the rest of the body.


        1. Are scar tissue
        2. Can cause weakness and limited range of motion
        3. Can cause:
          1. Nutritional deficiencies or imbalances
          2. Infection causing inflammation
          3. Early arthritis
        4. With respect to the joints
          1. Tight muscles and adhesions can cause unwanted and uncomfortable tension on the connecting joints and ligaments
            1. Painful (tendonitis) 
            2. Limiting range of motion
      • Poor muscle activation, elasticity, flexibility, joint mobility, etc
        1. Limits potential for exercise
        2. Which in turn limits the potential for growth
        3. And increases the potential for injury 

        These simple tools will help prevent injury and help promote recovery.

        Myofascial lacrosse balls. Helps promotes muscle recovery and helps break down dense muscle tissue.
        • Hamstrings
        • Quads
        • It band
        • Calves
        • Shoulder
        • Neck
        • Upper back
        • Lower Back
        • Foot
        • Glutes

        These are a Myofascial massage ball 3 pack. HIGHLY recommend.

        Check them out here


        1. Today's culture of “fitness influencers” are extremely uneducated 
          1. The trend of “no rest days” or “no days off” leads people to overtrain and self-sabotaging their goals
          2. Many will even say (post) that there is no such thing as overtraining, that it’s a mentality
            1. If that’s the case, refer them to me, please
        2. Stretching is boring we can all agree
          1. Find ways to mix it into your day to day
            1. Watching tv 
            2. Before bed /// Upon waking up
            3. Take a hot bath and stretch while warm
            4. Mix into a warm-up or cool down on workout days
        Jesse Turner Using a massage tool called a PSO-RITE Psoas Muscle Release and Deep Tissue Massage Tool - Psoas, Back, Hip Flexor Release Tool
        In the image above I am using a PSO-Rite tool to help release the Psoas muscle. The goal here is to release tension and loosen up the hips. 
        I've personally owned mine for awhile now and it is a great tool to have in your arsenal. If you're interested, check out the details here. Or simply click on the image. 
        PSO-RITE Massage tool


        1. Finances may be an issue or time 
          1. Stretching is free
          2. You’re probably in a gym that offers yoga classes
          3. You may know a specialist in the field that you can make a deal with
          4. If you have a partner, make shit spicy 
        2.  Most are also uneducated on the importance of recovery, and that is clearly why you are here and I hope I was able to help some.


        1. Take a rest day at least once a week
        2. It can be an active rest day
          1. Moderate to low cardio
          2. Yoga 
          3. Massage therapy 
          4. Core training and dynamic stretching 
        3. Utilize within reason (expenses), recovery options available
          1. Percussion tools such as the Thera-gun or Hypervolt 
          2. Implement cryotherapy chambers or localized cryo sleeves/pads
          3. Use a good sports massage therapist that knows massage, stretching, cupping, and scrapping 
          4. Take hot baths with Epsom salts to help with sore muscles
          5. Use ice packs to help with injuries
        I personally use a Theragun and would not recommend anything I haven't personally tested on myself. Are they pricey, sure. Is it a great way to relieve muscle tension and stress, Absolutely. 
        Check out a few of these options and see if one would be a right fit for you. Hypervolt (Right image) is a great cheaper alternative that can produce the same outcome. 
        Theragun Amazon Affiliate link
        Hypervolt Amazon affiliate link

         AGAIN, rest and recovery are equally important and should be treated as such. There are many ways to ensure that you don’t have any tension or injury issues during your training that may hinder your progress. In most cases, we are either uneducated or unmotivated to do so.

        Still, I SPEAK FOR EVERYONE when I say nothing is more motivating to recover than literally being unable to do many things for months or years at a time due to injuries. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions pertaining to your program or recovery at