In earlier blogs we discussed MACROS (macronutrients) and why they are important. We also briefly discussed goal specifics and how to track them (refer to other blogs). Macros are the main foundation and consideration when it comes to fitness goals whether it be a weight loss or muscle gain transformation. In combination are what we refer to as “toning”. 

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Often the common struggle is weight loss. Muscle gain in all honesty is easy and just takes time. What is difficult is changing our daily habits and pleasures to create the healthy eating caloric deficit we need to achieve the weight loss desired. Most people aren’t willing or disciplined enough to face the struggles necessary.

I commonly take strategic approaches with clients that may take longer but help to achieve long term goals that are sustainable. When people say “I’ve tried every diet.” Or “Nothing works…” what they really mean is “I wasn’t consistent and got frustrated because it didn’t work right away like I thought it would.” Taking a more realistic approach is favorable to the yo-yo tendencies most people have had. 

CEO Jesse Turner Sitting on a bench wearing a hoodie.K.I.S.S
A simple, systematic approach to not over-complicating things that become overwhelming and cause most people to give up

The Approach

    1. This approach begins with identifying our areas of struggle
      1. Do you drink enough water?
      2. Do you eat more than once a day?
      3. Which macros do you struggle most with?
        1. Getting in enough protein
        2. Eating too many fats (especially bad fats)
        3. Have to taken the wrong approach when it comes to carbs
      4. Do you lift weights, and do cardio, if so, how much?

A full table of food

  1. Once we identify the problem areas, we insert small achievable goals for homework
    1. Eat _____grams of protein by choosing X,Y,Z and consuming it at these times of the day
    2. Work on drinking _____oz of water
    3. Do 3-5 sessions of cardio for X time
    4. Replace snacking with ______

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  1. I typically give 1-3 homework assignments on a weekly basis
    1. This minimizes the confusion
    2. Provides focus toward specific achievable goals
    3. Creates lifelong habits and awareness
    4. Heightens the likelihood that you will stick to the process with minimal stress
  2. These simple tasks help prioritize goal-specific considerations, minimize stress, provide accountability in specific areas, and allow you to enjoy the process a little more without the pressure scaring you away. 

5 Tips about Weight Loss. The background is a photo of trainer and CEO Jesse Turner training his client.

  1. Weight loss considerations using the K.I.S.S principle
    1. Increase food frequency to speed up the metabolism and allow the body to intake the fuel necessary for specific bodily functions
    2. Create a hydration balance to fuel the body, transport nutrients, maintain muscle and joint elasticity and function. 
    3. Increase cardio output to help with the calorie burning goal and further develop the body’s cardio and hormonal functions.
    4. Lift weights to strengthen the skeletal structure, gain muscle density, strength/functionality and burn calories
    5. Utilize supplementation within the areas of nutritional struggle
      1. If you’re not eating enough protein- supplement
      2. If digestion is an issue- supplement
      3. If hormones, energy, focus, etc is lacking, you guessed it- supplement
        1. *YOU SHOULD try to consume more through food and not supplementation 
  1. Though these concepts may not be simple to the average person, that’s what professionals are for and I am more than glad to assist. 
You can contact me on Instagram @Savage_fitician or email me at JesseTUsmc@gmail.com
  1. When using the approach pick 1-3 small habits to change or additions to make to the overall program and keep them in place until the process is adopted with consistent behavior

      1. An extra 20oz of water
      2. 20 additional grams of protein
      3. Lessor no alcohol or sugar treats
      4. 1 extra session of cardio
    1. Whatever small change you make will contribute significantly over time
    1. 3,500 calories yields 1lb of fat
      1. The faster you cut out or burn 3,500 calories the faster you loose the weight and the harder it becomes to put back on using the same principle.
    2. Once you’ve gotten down to where you want to be, it becomes nearly impossible to put it back on if you continue with the same procedures or even similar that you put in place.
    3. Every little step in the process creates and better and healthier future
    4. You are doing this to change your life, not just your Summer.
      A quote From the CEO Jesse Turner
    1. Using the same 3,500 calories logic consider the fact in reverse
      1. In order to put 1lb on you need to confirm 3,500 or more unburned and unused calories to store as fat
      2. This means if you lost 5, 10, 60 lbs of fat the only way you’re putting that back on is if you ate in excess of 3,500 calories on a daily basis with no exercise. 
    2. This becomes easier to do, and more sustainable when you take a more simplistic approach to create healthy daily habits that will last a lifetime. And at the very least, you become more educated and accountable along the way. 

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